Projects created for Pratt Institute course Kid's Stuff: Creating for Children.


Space Faces is a puzzle that encourages constant learning from children. The circular motherboard allows for easy play for one or more kids at a time, with bright colorful smiling planet faces.

As kids grow and learn, so do the prompts of the puzzle with help from the accompanying flashcard set. Level 1 is for children who are just learning the names of the planets, and figuring out how to place the puzzle through trial and error, and name recognition. Stage 2 and 3 progress to include concepts of order, size, and eventually scientific knowledge. 

(Below) Children's Soap Packaging - Branding

At Bath Time Adventure, we believe that all the fun and imagination of playtime doesn't have to end when it's time to get clean. We encourage every kid to imagine their hearts out, and that means digging for treasure in the sand at the beach and climbing backyard trees to discover new species. 
Kids definitely know how to play hard, but now they'll know how to scrub and get clean just as hard. With child-safe and tear-free, colorful suds anybody can transform their ordinary bathtub into an adventure. So whether kids are visiting aliens on planet Jupiter or sailing the seven seas in a pirate ship, Bath Time Adventure is ready to unleash a bubble bath of good, clean fun.