Alina Chong,

a California raised turned East-Coast cold complainer, is a doodler turned illustrator/art director.
She’s on a mission to become well versed and skilled within all areas of communications design.
Cartoons and animation were early influences in her childhood drawings, which has evolved into an ability to be able to add character into all her projects, whether they have faces or not. From children’s book illustration to integrated ad campaigns, she is looking for any way that she can add charm into visual media. She is obsessed with bunnies, Disney movies, and every form of pastry.

She is currently an associate art director at Digitas, in Boston, MA.

Please email her at for any Q's you need A'ing. 
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Vis 1: Chong, aged 6, very proud of her illustrations of a horse (?), brontosaurus(?), and nightmare man.